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When we last visited John, he was shooting up someone else's blood. But after five days, John--charts in hand--convinced his doctor that he needed to go home but only with an agreement that he wouldn't play in the dirt. With that, we jumped into our rental, and drove home from La Jolla to Lincoln, Cal.

So ends the "I'm not dead, yet" book tour and medical blog. For the next couple on months, John will be doing weekly blood tests just to monitor his return to normal, leukemia free, bone marrow. He will be avoiding people while his white blood count is low. But, probably with mask, he will be greeting the hordes that are expected to descend on Springhill Gardens here at our home for the National Garden Conservancy open garden tour of private gardens in America, scheduled for May 10th. (And yes you probably will be able to buy a copy of his novels including the latest, "The Altar Boys," with part of the proceeds going to the Conservancy.)

And you know damn well, even in a mask, he will be traveling to more BORDERS STORES starting in Reno and Carson City within weeks of the garden tour...and is already scheduled to address college faculty, service and book email him if you have a group that would like to hear him talk about "Altar Boys."

Oh, one more thing. John and his son Rob, the film maker, have combined to write, produce, direct and film a short for U-tube, related to the issues raised in John's latest novel. It will be out soon, and linked to this site. It is entitled: "Jesus get's sued...and it's not his fault." Keep having fun!!


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