Saturday, April 5, 2008


I have no idea what constitutes L.A. But the DMM (District Marketing Manager) of "Greater L.A." got us a couple of gigs (L.A. talk) in East L.A. which I think borders on Nevada.
But I take it all back, from last night, about Chino. What a great welcome by the GM Tye--we even had a flyer posted on the door. Of course, so did a parrot named Officer Bird. When a couple of elementary school teachers knocked over our display, we made them buy one of each of my books. (Photo: working thru lunch for BORDERS)

In Pico Rivera we achieved something that has never happened at any book signing of either book. ALL the purchasers were men. I can't explain it. I can say that selling a book critical of the Catholic Church in a community where virtually everyone entering the store is speaking Spanish is a challenge. But we prevailed...if only with the men.  Tomorrow, Sunday in San Diego. 


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