Friday, April 4, 2008

Day 3: All Santa Barbara all day

We arose at 6am to get on the road and be at BORDERS in Santa Barbara by noon. We made it with minutes to spare. What a great store! We were afforded a propitious spot at the front of the store from which I leaned into the path of entering customers. (See photo, right.)

In every store, men come up and tell me they were altar boys. Santa Barbara was the first place a man admitted he was a choir boy. I didn't know where to go with that admission.

Speaking of admissions, animal advocates questioned how I could have attempted yesterday to sell a copy of Lescroart's Betrayal to a dog. I'm sorry; I thought he was a seeing-eye dog.

We were selling so well in Santa Barbara, we decided to stay instead of hitting the freeway in late afternoon traffic. Tonight, we are in Los Angeles at a group of movie artists' lofts. Tomorrow, we go to...well, I know I promised Hollywood, and many of you are waiting for a report on stars, but...Saturday we go to Chino (the BORDERS, not the prison) and, ok it is my first major tour, and their are dues to be paid in this book business: Pico Rivera. Goodnight.


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