Thursday, April 3, 2008


Last night, we sailed in from S.F. and celebrated daughter Rebel's birthday with a little cut glass dancer gift as a reminder of a "road trip" she and I once took to New York where she tried out (successfully) for the Alvin Allee American Dance Academy. But by morning, she was off representing multi-national corporations and dad and son were selling books once again in the San Ramon store that has been so great for my novel, "Altar Boys." There, we were greeted by a table covered with a beautiful red cloth set up and waiting for us.

But a surprise. This time, we also sold a number of "The Lawyers" as people reflect back in their own lives over the years.

After the lunch crowd, and a good couple hours of selling, we raced to Los Gatos (bypassing San Jose). What a wonderful find. Located in what looks like a historic building, the Borders has a mature and intelligent clientele. (And a great patio upon which Rob hung our "I'm not dead, yet" tour banner. See above, right.)

Marilyn Mintz, the creator of the Seeetheart Arts Doll, bought both of my novels. And Jana McBurney-Lin, the author of "My Half of the Sky," dropped by and we had a chance to talk about her terrific new novel. It is a remarkable story of a young women in China who attempts to uphold Chairman Mao's saying in her own life that "a women holds up half the sky." There were many other interesting people who bought "Altar Boys" but I think the best description I heard was the journalist who bought the book for her husband whom she called a "screaming Irish agnostic."

By Santa Cruz, we were exhausted. Fortunately, the store announced it was closing early. But not before we sold some books and added another "first purchaser" at each store to our Tour Blog: Marilyn, a good Catholic school girl.

Is there some symbolism in the fact that "Altar Boys" is touring California, and visiting many of its Mission cities, in the opposite direction as the Spanish Conquestadors with the Catholic religion they brought to this territory? (Goodnight.)


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